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Single-Site Surgery

Instead of the traditional four or five incisions, a single small incision is used. In Single-Site surgery the access is placed into the umbilical (belly button). The incision of between 12-25mm, allows single-site access for up to three surgical or imaging instruments that can be either straight or bent, flexible or articulated. After the procedure, the natural contours of the bellybutton help hide the surgical incision.

Patient benefits include:

  • Fewer incisions – requires only one small incision
  • Health and cosmetic benefits – with fewer incisions, there is less possibility of infection, less scarring and better cosmetic results
  • Faster recovery times – the surgery is minimally invasive to cause shorter recovery times
  • The most recent technology – Single-Site surgery has generally replaced the need for traditional open surgeries in the abdominal or pelvic cavities