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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Comprehensive rehabilitation for pulmonary disease

Lehigh Regional Medical Center pulmonary rehabilitation services help improve quality of life for people with chronic lung disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. By focusing on each individual’s specific needs, our programs incorporate:

  • Medical management
  • Breathing therapies
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Education
  • Emotional support and encouragement

Our multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation team includes respiratory therapists, exercise professionals, dietitians and other clinicians who provide a customized approach to meet the needs of each individual. Rehabilitation programs are designed to:

  • Reduce shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms.
  • Build strength, endurance and physical fitness to enhance everyday activities.
  • Improve nutritional knowledge and practices.
  • Provide education about living with pulmonary disease, including self-management techniques.
  • Offer emotional support and encouragement.

Our comprehensive services ensure individuals have the tools they need to manage their condition effectively — from thorough assessment by a trained respiratory therapist and supervised exercise, to relaxation and breathing techniques. Trained rehabilitation specialists are focused on helping individuals lead an active, fulfilling life.