Allergy Care

Expert Care for Allergy Diagnosis & Treatment

Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions in the U.S., affecting one in five Americans. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks allergy as the third most common chronic disease among children. Allergies can be caused by airborne particles, such as pollen or animal dander, particular foods or medications, or bee stings. Reactions can range from mild discomfort such a runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing or sneezing, to a life-threatening emergency.

Whether you suffer from mild or acute symptoms, the ENT Specialty Care Center at Lehigh Regional Medical Center offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for allergies and immune system conditions, including:

  • Allergy testing, including blood, skin, nasal and challenge testing
  • Asthma lung-function testing
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment for allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma, sinusitis and other immune disorders.