Blog Posts in July, 2018

See what our patients are saying about us! July 2018
Jul 31, 2018

There are many details in providing quality care and running a patient-centered organization. One detail, daily rounding, we get to hear directly from the patient what is most important to them. This allows the hospital to recognize a job well-done ...

More emergency rooms nationwide use a pay-first policy for non-urgent care
Jul 13, 2018

Over the years hospitals across the nation have implemented the pay-first policy in an effort to divert patients with routine illnesses from the Emergency Room (ER) after they undergo a federally required screening. In the ER at Lehigh Regional ...

Quit Your Way! Smoking cessation classes at Lehigh Regional Medical Center
Jul 10, 2018

Studies show that smokers assisted by a health care provider have a greater chance of quitting smoking. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation department at Lehigh Regional Medical Center offers a free six-week smoking cessation program. This program has ...

Not only does Lehigh Regional Medical Center save lives, we save helicopters and pilots too!
Jul 9, 2018

When LeeFlight was in trouble and needed a safe place to land, our helipad was it! LeeFlight's mechanic will get her back in the air sometime today.