Lehigh Regional Medical Center Leads the Way in SW Florida with Endo Bronchial Diagnostic Technology

Lehigh Acres, Florida (August 29, 2012 by Diann Cimring) - Lehigh Regional recently acquired the Endo Bronchial Ultra Sound (EBUS). The EBUS-TBNA system makes biopsies of the lungs, lymph nodes and respiratory tract safer, more accurate, less invasive and less costly than alternative methods.

Lehigh Regional is the only hospital in SW Florida with this EBUS technology. The closest facilities with this technology and physician expertise are in Miami and Tampa.

 “For anyone with symptoms or a diagnosis of lung disease, or respiratory tract problems, the EBUS is an excellent diagnostic and exploratory tool. Bronchoscopy, with the ultrasound component, allows for direct visualization and the physician can sample and biopsy as needed.” Said Tom Campo, Cardio Pulmonary Department Director. “ We are so excited to be able to offer this advanced technology to Lehigh Acres and SW Florida. Our physicians are really happy with the opportunity to provide their patients with this safer, less invasive and less costly option not previously available in this area.”