Lehigh Regional Medical Center Performs the First Cholangioscopy in Lee County

LEHIGH ACRES, FL (December 24, 2010) - Lehigh Regional Medical Center is proud to announce Lee County’s first successful completion of a cholangioscopy utilizing Boston Scientific’s new SpyGlass scope. Dr. Asif Choudhury, a gastroenterologist affiliated to the Medical Center, completed the procedure this morning utilizing this single-operator system. 

“Having this piece of new technology at Lehigh Regional was quite helpful for this patient,” Dr. Choudhury commented after the procedure. 

Cholangioscopy is the examination of the common bile duct, a small duct connecting the liver with the gall bladder, using a fiber optic camera. Previously, physicians relied on radiological images to explore the duct, but with the addition of the SpyGlass, gastroenterologists at Lehigh Regional Medical Center are able to see inside the common bile duct on a high-definition monitor in the operating room. 

Physicians will be able to use the scope to better visualize gallstones, strictures or cancers that occur in the common bile duct, instead of relying on radiological images to inspect the area. The definition of the images obtained using this technology is higher than the ones obtained using radiology. 

“This is a wonderful win-win for the community,” said Chris Rakunas, CEO of Lehigh Regional Medical Center. “Physicians are able to provide the best gastrointestinal care in the county with this scope, and patients here in Lehigh Acres are able to receive this service close to home.”